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Web Design Yamunanagar, Website Designing Yamunanagar, Web Site Design Yamunanagar

Written By Abaris Solution on Thursday, 21 June 2012 | 06:12

Web Designing
Abaris is widely known for its web designing and development. We are expert in deliver productive results in the field of website designing i.e. Web 2.0 Website Design and web 2.0 application development, CSS based website Design, DIV Based Layout, Portal Development, Web Re-designing, Corporate branding etc. We have dedicated team of web designers, creative artist, web developers and web marketing professionals to make web site more attractive as well as content rich. On the bases of our excellence and ample customized web design process, we are different from typical web design companies. We can offer you design and setup of a website satisfying all your needs whether you would like to create a big corporation internet portal for increasing your sales or you prefer just to get your views to the world.
We can even offer you several options of web design if you don’t like the first one at all or we will send you a package offer that includes two types of design, a certain quantity of pages, flash animation, etc.

 Website Design Services
Website Designing
   •   Web 2.0 based Layout Designing
   •   HTML/CSS
   •   DIV/CSS (Table less Designs)
   •   W3 Compliance
   •   JS/DHTML
   •   Shopping Cart Designing
   •   Integrated Website Flash Designing
   •   Flash Intro / Flash Based Website Designing
   •   Logo Designing
   •   Brochure Designing
   •   Web Banner Designing - GIF Animation
   •   Mailer / Newsletter Designing
   •   GUI Designing for Software and web based applications
   •   Image Processing

 Design Features
   •   User-friendly interface
   •   Rational space usage
   •   Appealing and Professional style
   •   Consistent overall layout
   •   Consistent corporate identity
   •   Colors compatibility
   •   Intuitive navigational schemes
   •   AJAX-powered interactivity
   •   Task-oriented workflow
   •   Accessibility standards

For any query please Call: +91- 9045 206022 or Email: abarissolution@gmail.com
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Web Development Yamunanagar, PHP Website Development Yamunanagar, Web Application

PHP Web Development
PHP Development
Abaris Softech Pvt. Ltd. PHP development services for PHP web development, Web-based admin which permits easy maintenance of interactive, content management system & community-driven web sites. Our PHP portals provide easy site customization and do not necessitate unwanted or unused features. Abaris provides IT Outsourcing for PHP Development India, , PHP / MY SQL Offshore Development and PHP Programming Services.

 Expertise in PHP
Abaris is known for its exclusive internet solutions and its strength lies in PHP development, LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP), PHPBB, PHP CMS, Zen Cart, Joomla, PHP AJAX, Ruby on rails, , PHP 4.0, PHP 5.0, AJAX & AJAX Frameworks, OS Commerce.

MySQL with PHP Development (The Golden combination); the two world's most popular open source tools which are renowned for its trustworthiness and pace; are explicitly utilized and suggested by Semaphore.

 Benefits of PHP Solutions
   •   Low execution, maintenance and debugging costs.
   •   Runs on Apache web server, and in turn Apache runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and various other UNIX platforms,
       So whatever server investments have been made, can be utilized.
   •   Utilization of various open source applications and pre-packaged PHP modules during application development saves
       Around 30% - 40% of the development time
   •   PHP is Open Source. Open Source means you never need to rely on the manufacturer to release the next version
       If something doesn't work or pay for expensive upgrades.
   •   PHP is also endowed with other goodies, like native support for many popular databases, an extensible architecture,
       And a processor that not only uses fewer resources on the server than many of its competitors, but also displays
       Pages in record time

 Abaris PHP Development Services Include
   •   Custom Web Application Development
   •   Database-driven Website Development
   •   Legacy Applications Reengineering and Enhancement
   •   PHP Migration
   •   Web Services Integration
   •   Web Maintenance

For any query please Call: +91- 9045 206022 or Email: abarissolution@gmail.com

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USA SEO Companies, SEO Services, New York SEO Company, Search Engine Optimization

Written By Abaris Solution on Sunday, 17 June 2012 | 12:14

Search Engine Optimization 
Search Engine Optimization

 In the present competitive environment, just having a website is not enough, it is useless unless it is recognized by people. To make it appear high on search engines, it is really essential to optimize it to satisfy the search engines requirements so that it is not only recognized by people but also turns your prospective customers into ultimate clients.

We take pride in introducing ourselves as the pioneers in the field of Search Engine Optimization with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed at competitive prices.

Search Engines basically rank website based on several factors. Some of them can be listed as follows:
  • The right domain name of your website
  • Design of the website
  • Limited use of JavaScript language
  • HTML page construction
  • HTML code
  • Related content
  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Incoming links.

For the purpose of achieving good rank, there is a hierarchy that we follow, which is as follow:

Domain Names Suggestion - First we analyze a site's domain name and provide suggestions about changes that can be made to it in order to achieve good rankings.

Website Analysis - First, we analysis the site's design and report the same to the website's owner.

Keyword Analysis - Then, we analyze all the possible related keywords that can be used to find the site.

Creating Header (Meta) Tags - Then, we create header tag which includes tags like title tag(considered to be the most important tag according to Google),description tag, keywords, abstract tag etc.

Optimizing and Editing Content - Then, we edit and optimize the HTML content according to the norms of SEO.

Managing Content - Manage and create new content for the whole site to attract different search engines.

Site Submission - Submitting your site to different search engines and exchanging links and also Pay Per Click Advertising(if necessary),RSS Feed, Blogs etc.

Updating Site - We keep your site updated to changing trends of the search engines by checking its content, analyzing its scripting, checking HTML code, updating tags, checking factors hindering its ranking, managing content, removing dead links.

We are committed to give our customers business oriented result from their website. We pay effort and use our experience to carve a niche for your website in this competitive world to ensure that your business grows rapidly.

For any query please Call: +91- 9045 206022 or Email: abarissolution@gmail.com
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